Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is my outfit of the day for Saturday. Top - Gap, Scarf - F21, Skinny Jeans - F21, Over the Knee Suede Boots - Nine West TJ Maxx, Michael Kors Hamilton Tote, Sunglasses - Christian Dior Aviators, Belt - Arden B


  1. Hi Sherrie...I see you changed your mind and changed back to your MK bag...I can kind of understand as Chanel bags are so elegant and classic I think I would be not sure myself as to what to wear with it if I was lucky enough to own one that is ...LOL look great no matter what's on your arm!!

  2. Thank you so much Linda. I wore the MK bag during the day and changed into my Chanel bag in the evening. However, the chanel handbag is a little intimidating but I am slowly getting use to it. Sherri xo