Saturday, October 26, 2013

Haute Hippie Ootd!!!

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  1. Hi Sherri,
    Firstly, I take it that you joined and were given an 'address' (UK address with 'suite number'). Having said that the only way you can order from the UK site/eBay site of Shoeaholics-uk and have them sent to your 'new' address at is if the seller accepts your US credit card or US PayPal for payment. Unfortunately, many do not. because of that you will need to use the 'Concierge Services' at Follow the instructions (these links are for the 'nude Samantha' pumps) such as putting in the
    store name: (Shoeaholics-uk), store website: (copy & paste).
    Next type on the product name: SAMANTHA KURT GEIGER LONDON LEATHER NUDE WOMENS LADIES SHOE, then copy and paste product URL:
    then: color, size, quantity, product cost etc. Press enter item.
    Follow the requests from there. They will then send you emails for you to agree with the total fee quote and updates, then go from there. As for entering your country, to join put in your US address, and if you're able to purchase the item from shoealholics-uk (eBayUK) using your US credit cards/US PayPal accounts for payment enter your that was given to you when you joined. I just find it's a lot easier to use the concierge service. You just put in the info for the product you want to buy (copy & paste) item & site info and they do the rest. They will send you email update etc. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any other info. xo Elaine